`Tresavean` from the `Minescape series 2012 mixed media .SOLD

`The Sea Within` from the `Minescape` series 2012 mixed media  SOLD

                             M  I  N  E  S  C  A  P  E  S   

                 A personal exploration of Cornish mining , engine houses, and Cornwall`s post-industrial Landscape.  

South Wheal Frances 2012 watercolour/ink .Mounted & framed £400.00

Engine House on `The Great Flat Lode`. 2012 watercolour/Ink. Mounted & framed SOLD


South Wheal Frances -Mariot`s Shaft Boiler House 2012 watercolour /Ink.Mounted & framed £400.00



Pascoe`s Engine House -2012 watercolour/Ink. Mounted & framed SOLD


Higher Bal , St Just 2012  watercolour/Ink.Mounted & framed £400.00


Engine House `The Great Flat Lode` 2012 watercolour/Ink.Mounted & framed £400.00


Recent publication related to the project available to buy.

`Mainly White Ground `. Mixed media 2012  SOLD

Engine House  watercolour/Ink.2012 Mixed Media .Mounted & framed SOLD



`Forged in Fog and Flame `2013 Mixed Media on Canvas;£1500;00

`A Fire on the Horizon`2013 Mixed Media on Canvas ;£1500;00

New Season Work 2013.....

`Post -Industrial Landscape` Mixed media on Canvas ;£1500.00

`Bodmin Moor` 2014 mixed media
On canvas £1000;00

`Penwith imagined in Winter` 2014 mixed media on canvas; £500;00

`Primal Presence in a Ritual Landscape` .mixed media 8`x4` £5000;00